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Thread: Installing wiremod with GMOD 13

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    Question Installing wiremod with GMOD 13

    EDIT: I can be a full blown retard sometimes. It works, for some reason it didnt show the first time I played, but launched again and its there? Can an admin kindly delete this post

    Original post:
    I may be doing this wrong, as its been atleast a few months since I played gmod, and I decided to get gmod 13 and give it a try.

    Well I came here, downloaded wiremod for gmod 13 today and tried putting the folder (called wiremod-wire-#####...) in the games addons folder (you know, garry's mod beta/garrysmodbeta/addons)...

    well I tried singleplayer and multiplayer, and I cant seem to see wiremod? And I checked in the in-game addons thing, showed nothing installed, so i tried finding wiremod there, no luck.

    Is it that I am just putting the folder in the wrong place? is that not how its always worked?
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