• Mercedes Benz 600 Grosser

    (As seen on Facepunch)
    So it actually started about 5 months ago, in the start of December. I was constantly trying to find a proper way to build a Mercedes Benz 600, with no prevail. Mainly because my way of building back then was quite different. So a month or so ago, I took up the challenge and tried again (by now the third time), building it in a different way which looked a lot better.
    Quick specs of the car for the lazy:
    0-60: 15.3 seconds,
    0-85(topspeed, limited) 21.6
    About 2
    Has too many features for me to list so watch the video, has most of the features in it (though there's still a ton of hidden stuff).

    A couple sexy pictures of it:

    Holo sunroof, here shown having it rolled up.

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